okayy dis is my very first post in dis blog…of course, i haf another blog..but that’s for ppl i noe to read….this blog, i’ll probably not tell to anyone(except close friends)..unless if they ask me..den maybe i’ll consider……….

there’ll b no names mentioned in this blog, be it of ppl or school..

why i started this blog? its because i want to talk freely here, without people i KNOW reading..(unless if its close friends..so if i told u dis address, den u noe how u rank:))…its frustrating when you want to vent out ur anger/disappointments, yet at the same time dont want to let certain ppl know dat u feel that way…its confusing, i noe…

oh wells…was walking hm from cca today when this blog address suddenly came to my mind…lost in life’s disappointments….it seems as if they are many setbacks in life all of a sudden…wat with my results, ‘o’s and all…n now, it seems, even my cca…

we haf a performance tmr…n i spent d past wk practising like mad…n juz when i can finally play it, im told dat i dont nd to perform anymore…after that, during practise, i suddenly had a mind blank…i couldnt rmb any of the notes that i had tried so hard to memorise…all i wanted to do was to go home…or at least, hold in all my tears….in front of friends, i had to pretend to be happy…when i finally got home, i cried in d shower…it was such a relief, to finally b able to let go after holding in for so long…

i didnt eat dinner…said i was too full…truth was, i juz wasnt hungry…

i juz laid in bed n let the tears pour out….wished someone could be there to comfort me…but no one was…

finally decided i had a headache and came down for a panadol…n den to this computer to vent it all out…….

i used to love my cca alot…now, im convinced dat im juz plain lousy…n i shld juz gif up……


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