lols..i seem to be flooded with nightmares…

2 mornings ago..i had a nightmare within like 5mins…it was abt prelims, i dreamt dat i didnt study for my ss paper n i was abt to go in d exam hall to take it! lols…den juz as i was abt to step in, my alarm rang…..

dis morning….even worse…i dreamt of 911…except that it happened in Singapore…n d building(i dont know which building it is…but apparently it could b seen from Jade Towers(my previous house)..) didnt crash down cuz of a plane, it crashed down cuz of a bomb….n it really crashed like d twin towers…….n den suddenly d whole of Singapore was in chaos…n i dont noe y, but my family n i had to get down from d 7th floor(it all happened in Jade Towers i think..) to d first floor by a rope…as in we literally had to abseil down….haha..n it didnt help that when i woke up, n went to read d newspapers, d first line i saw was: If fugitive(meaning Mas Selamat) leaves the country, Singapore must brace itself for a ‘return hit’……

hope i wont get any more nightmares man…or i will not even want to slp….haa


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