mummy talked to me abt my results ytd…she juz TALKED..she didnt even scold or anything..which makes me feel so bad…n den halfway through i was pouring out tears again….
d worst thing was, i had cca like 15mins later….n my eyes n nose were like damn red….so i was like am i supposed to go to cca like dat…

so, being d experienced cry-er dat i am, i did wat i always do after i cry to make my eyes less red…dats to wash them with hot/warm water…lol…well it worked…

cca ytd was…*bleah*….had to smile n laugh n everything…oh least we were telling each other jokes so it wasnt all dat bad…yupp..

when we were getting ready to leave sch to go to d CC, one of my cca frens asked me why i dont ask ___ why she dont let me perform….whoah..she caught me off guard there… i only told her i dunno, n forget it luh..den she was must b very sad rite…when i didnt reply but juz smiled at her, she said, aiyah confirm one lah…

hahaa..okayss..but it felt so awkward….

anyhows…its over…dats d last performance we’ll(sec 4s) haf….after which we’ll b stepping down in end april…haizz….

really regret..maybe i shld haf practised MORE?


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