why must he always do this?

mummy n i were trying to find a certain CSI episode on dvd, n I left the room first…so i came down to use the computer…he then wakes up n immediately accuses me of using the computer for the WHOLE DAY! its so unfair okay..
den he goes upstairs to mummy’s toilet, sees the tv n vcd player on, n den shouts my name n accuses me(again) of not switching off the tv…so i went up, switched off the tv, (forgot abt d dvd player), n was on the way down when he shouted “OI!” i go “huh?” n he just keeps shouting “OI” at me..without telling me abt d dvd player…like 3 or 4 times…until he comes out of the bathroom, stares at me, n points at the player…den he says ” huh wat huh? call you got reason one hor…” like how unreasonable is that lah…call me got reason, THEN SAY WAT THE REASON IS! im not a mind reading machine! i cant read your mind! i really wanted to shout that at him….but i didnt…

sometimes i feel that this house really tires me out…i cant b myself..im not allowed to talk back, whenever something bad happens, i just haf to wait to be scolded, cause no matter WHAT it is, its always MY fault….n d worst thing is, im not even allowed to defend myself….wth..


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