i spent 5hrs at changi airport terminal 3 ytd…spent 1+hr stoning at d viewing hall whilst my mummy n aunt n grandma talked…lols..
hahaa..saw this small boy..damn cute..shall type out his conversation wif his parents here….

(in chinese)
father: you see..that plane juz took off..
boy: daddy, i want to sit airplane!
father: sit airplane need money one leh..you got anot?
boy: daddy you got money wat..
father: daddy dun haf lah..
(boy looks dejected, thinks for awhile..)
(boy turns to mother)
boy: mummy you got money for me to sit plane?

HAHA..he was damn cute lahh…n d way he said in chinese was super cute!!

i reallised that songs remind me of certain events or places in my life…for example, whenever i hear lin jun jie’s bian hao 89757, yi qian nian yi hou etc., i think of MapleStory, whenever i hear s.h.e’s superstar album, i think of Concourse, whenever i hear Ai Shang Ai, i think of Phillipines…lols….okayy..randomness again..

today was FUN!!! went wif gor n cousins to watch disney on ice, cuz mummy got 10% discount vouchers…hahaa..it was nice…makes me wanna learn figure skating AGAIN…why i said again? cuz everytime i watch disney on ice(i watched many many times alrdy:D), it makes me wanna learn figure skating..lols…haha..though royston kept incurring the wrath of my brother…(n he was having serious moodswing man, one minute he was scolding royston very fiercely, the nx he was laughing with me…lols)..
den when i came back, did some hw..den gor called me down..said he had a surprise for me on tv, n dat i CONFIRM would like it…he told me to close my eyes, so i did…den he switched d channel, n i heard something VERY FAMILIAR, but i juz couldnt think wat it was…den i opened my eyes n there i say CASPER THE FRIENDLY GHOST movie!!!!!!!! omgg..hahaa i was looking for dat dvd lahh!! n they showed it on tv!!!! hahaa..but sadly almost an hr had gone alrdy….hahaa..im sooo gonna find d dvd! i rmb last time we had it on those gigantic LD…n i kept watching n watching n watching…hahaa..it was practically my favourite show!!! hahaa..so happy todayy…

sigh..sch starts tmr though:(


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