ytd was sports dayy
nothing usual, CHEW hs won the primary school championship n overall champions…dodsworth won sec sch champions…haha..its really standard..been like dat for past few yrs…quite predictable..the only exception being that Archer won the Mass Cheer Champions instead of us..hahaa
went PS wif cas n fele..reallised we had only $24 between the 3 of us…but we still went to yoshinoya…hahaa..we came back as paupers! fun..came back n slept:D
ohh but something happened on the way to d stadium…i was passing thru the mrt station..when this sec 2 CHEW hs pl lite tapped me on my arm..(first i must say that i was wearing my pinafore over my CHEW hs shirt)..n she asked me:”excuse me..u from PL rite?” i looked at my white belt, thinking i’d somehow wore the wrong uniform and said:”yah”….she then asked me if she could follow me to d i said okay…after a while, when we were walking, she suddenly turned to me n asked:”so you’re from CHEW hs?” wahh..i wanted to zhuang qiang man….haaa..

today..Pulau Ubin…oh my..the kids…there were 5 of us in a grp..n our grp took charge of 2 kids…..wahh..its like taking care of 2 roystons at a time man…haaa..Janel asked me if i was having 2nd thoughts on having children..n i was speechless! really didnt noe…hahaaa..but i still like kids i guess…complained to lao po at the jetty abt kids..n she was telling me to juz not pamper them..hahaa..its quite impossible u noe…lol…came back n slept again!


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