Janel was darn funny n lame ytd…

i was on the way to tuition, n she was on d way home(she lives directly above my tuition teacher)..

we were going into the lift, n it was those really old lifts where it only stops at certain floors, so her lift stops at lvl 1, 5, 9 and 12. we were going to the 12th floor…

so we stepped into the lift, pressed d no. 12 button, n d lift door closed…

after abt 10secs, Janel started pressing d no. 5 and 9 button, n said: wahh…nd fresh air…

LOL! hahaa..n she stood nx to door, n when it open, she breathed in deeply n had that super “shuang” look on her face! HAA! i was laughing so hard…hahaaaa mann..she really cracks me up:D

haa.. oh yah, Janel u can forget abt deleting this post…i saved a backup on my com:D


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