haizz…Janel is really the ultimate!
been reminding her to bring my Enchanted DVD to sch since sunday…but she kept forgetting..except for today, when she FINALLY remembered..but guess wat, the CD inside was a Chris Tomlin CD………best…hahaaa…

NAPFA today….i suck man….i cant jump n i cant pull:(

it was cheryl n her high-ness during NAPFA…lols…she infected me…we were doing Mr. Bean actions during the pull ups…haha..n the yi ge da xi gua “taiji” thing…hahaa…n i sang “so long, farewell” to her when she left too…lols..

first thing Doreen’s dad said to me when he saw me: you put on weight right? so many months ne4 c u, put on weight alrdy….

hahaa..bestt! neh mind, as doreen said, its called GROWING UP! :D:D:D


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