haha..THANKS GIRLS! for the super HUGE present!! :D:D
hahaa..my beloved GINORMOUS BABY TAZ!!! hahaa:)
pictures laterXD

celebrated early birthday last nite with the relatives…had 2 birthday cakes! well actually its 1 for me n 1 for my grandpa…hahaa..
guess wat, we played the “lazy susie/susan” game again……there was this weird looking orange-coloured mini “orange” on the cake…n gor gor kena-ed it……nx was the grape+1 slice of choc cake….winson kena-ed..but he was happy! cuz he was hungry…lol!

cuz of the late nite on fri n ytd, i went to church with “hei yan quan”…..audrey n deb saw me, n there were like, whats wrong with ur eyes man?!?!

gonna go lib later….n den gonna go to life bookshop to find my Tim Hughes CD…hope i can find it:D


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