today…..omg…Janel was super funny!

our conversation during recess:
(Janel cant finish her food, holds out a piece of meat)
J: u want? i cant finish
B: nope, dun really like that chicken…
J: why? its quite nice wat…i think its deer meat..tastes like it..
(i look at her in disgust)
J: what?? u never eat b4 ah? its quite nice leh..
B: ermm..actually dats not deer meat….the sign says “teriyaki CHICKEN rice”…..
J: oh….(bursts out laughing:D)

n then another one…it was soo malu-ating!
one of the sch toilets has been converted to the male toilet cuz of the ongoing table tennis tournament…
after sch, Janel walks into a toilet, puts down her bag on the bench n enters a cubicle…i follow her into the toilet, wash my hands, n was about to sit on the bench when this HUGE notice catches my eye…it is plastered over the female toilet sign n it says: “MALE TOILET”…..hahaa, im like “shit!” n ran out of the toilet…i stand outside laughing, n cheryl comes along….i pointed at the toilet n at the sign, still laughing…..cheryl reallises that janel’s inside, starts laughing, n shouts at janel to quick come out…
Janel is done in the cubicle, she RUSHES out of the toilet whilst laughing….me n cheryl were like: “JANEL! WASH UR HANDS FIRST LAH!” hahahahahaa omg!!! so she runs to the sink, washes her hand, grabs her bag n gets out of the toilet n says: “havent see mirror yet leh!” n goes down to the first floor toilet..
hahaaa..n i was laughing all the way!

oh myyy..Janel! u really cheer me up at times man!!


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