went out wif the family + godparents last nite! went to some restaurent in punggol park!!
haa food was quite good…had escargot!! n it didnt help dat gor was SO encouraging, saying things like:”fresh anot? juz pick from the grass one leh”….for those who dunno wat escargot is, its actually snails…lol..it sounds disgusting…but its quite nice..once u get past the “fresh from the ground” part…
ordered Hooch, which is 5% alcohol..apparently its some childhood drink for my sis n bro…n they used to get DRUNK on it…well, at least their jiu3 liang4 has increased n they didnt get drunk…hahaha though it wld be quite cool to c them drunk! hahaa…i DIDNT get drunk okay! gor TRIED to take the bottle from me, joking that i was still not of age yet…hahaa..n i snatched it back from him:D
it came to a point where i was very sleepy, n i said: “if i dont go to sch tmr, u noe why..”, n my dad laughed n said: “come, i write letter for u, tmr u dun nd to go sch”, to which gor replied: “haha yahh! it shld read: my daughter has a hangover today n is unable to attend school..” HAHAA i burst out laughing man….

pictures later…muz get them from gor….


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