came online to blog..had alot of things on my mind..but in d end reallised dat i had nothing to say…

many things has happened the past wk…some happy, some sad…

i really dont noe wat to do…

no one seems to reallise how im feeling…n i haf to act happy infront of everyone

i was just PLAYING with her when i told her to “not be so inconsiderate” n to turn down the volume of her ipod…i was even laughing/smiling when i said it..but she took it personally, n shouted at me..i wanted to tell her dat i was just joking, but saw no point..we’d probably just argue again…

i almost cried at the pier today..
i cried last nite too…ironic, since it was the last few hrs of my birthday, n i shld be happy…
forget it, nobody understands..

went to kovan mrt in WL’s car…emo-ed the rest of the way home..


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