last nite’s storm was damn scary…got woken up by the HOWLING winds!!!
didnt want to hear the wind, so i switched on my mp3 player…
needed to pee, but didnt dare to get out of bed..hahaa..den heard popo’s room door open…so i quickly ran out, and saw her room door close…n i was like, shiit!
neh mind, so i went toilet, still hearing my mp3…n totally expecting something horrible to happen(thats the result of too many horror movies!)
came back, was going to close the door when i heard a soft:”hello”
wahh piang! my heart nearly stopped okayy!! i looked around for the source…
n saw my sister with her arms outstretched…
immediately i was like, whewww!
i said:”i scared!”, i meant to say it in a lighthearted, joking manner, but i dont noe why, but i sounded to myself like i was gonna cry…hahaaa
so i went to hug her, n she asked if i wanted to slp with her..n i said OKAY!
after awhile, the winds stopped, but there was deafening thunder….
got sianned of the squeezy bed, so i went back to my bed n hugged baby taz to slp…

n there ends my most horrible night…


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