on the bus…

i tried to converse..
but u were unwilling to talk..
i asked you what happened,
but u just kept quiet and looked away..

whats wrong? is it something that i did?

u thanked C on your blog for being there for you..
what about me? was i not there for you?
i am always here..its whether u choose to accept my help..
and i want to help…

perhaps i’ve not been a good friend…

do you know?
that my greatest fear,
is the feeling of not being wanted?
i want to feel wanted, i want to feel needed

i dont want to be a sunny day-friend…..

i fear of what will happen to our friendship,
i fear that the 2 of you will go away and not be my friends
i fear that the 2 of you are self-sufficient, that im not needed
i fear that one day, i’ll be excluded from the equation…


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