went to audrey’s house to study last night…deborah was there too:D:D
i went late, so met them at the playground..n they were drawing in the sand..darn cool! pictures with deborah…so shall get them from her tmr:D n then post them here! haa
n i DID study okayyy…i finished chapter 1 of Amaths..oh myy..i think im getting sian alrdy…oh noo! must JIAN1 CHI2 DAO4 DI3!!!!!!!!!!

hmm..went with Janel to visit Cheryl this afternn at Mt. Alvernia…hahaa..we surprised her:D
anywayy, hope you recover soon!
left the hospital when Cheryl got sleepy cos of the drip…
and then we went to hougang mall…went to the library..n sat in the children’s section:P, n Janel did her Amaths hw there…

okkk..n todayy, i broke a RECORD!! hahaa..i’ve officially watched Enchanted 5 TIMES!!!!!!
1st time: cinema in phillipines with che che lovely
2nd time: online with fele(watched half of it before i had to go home)
3rd time: online on some website
4th time: skipped to the the exciting parts when gor gor bought the dvd for me
5th time: dvd with gor gor n elaine
6th time: JUST! with mummy:D

hahaa..its nice! i wouldnt mind watching it a thousand times over!!!! oh myyy so touching!!!
hahahahaha:D:D:D okayyy..


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