sighh..i really dont know wats wrong with me..
i said to myself that i never wanted to touch that instrument again, after what happened a few months ago..
but last nite, i heard some1 from the nx block of flats playing it..n it was kinda one of the songs dat i liked..
suddenly i really wanted to continue playing the instrument…
looking back, i wonder how different my life would be if i didnt take up this instrument..
i can say that learning it has changed my life alot, n has also changed my view on chinese instrumental music..

somehow, no matter how i tried to control..i couldnt stop myself from rewatching the dvd recording of the concert we had last yr..
i closed my eyes n i could almost see myself on that stage again, playing the instrument..

but i guess..its not meant to be..

sighh i really dont know what i shld do..
i dont think anyone will understand what im feeling now..


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