haa..im learning cantonese:D cool ritee..hahaa..
anywayy..just an update….

went jogging at d park ytd wif fele n cas…haha shiok=D

n den we ran back to their hs, n even went up 8 floors by the stairs

haha c, we’re so motivated to shed some fats:D
watched a cinderella story after dat, n i reallised i watched it b4..though i cant rmb where n wif whom…lol..stm..wat can i say..hahaa

came home, n finished watching War of In-Laws(wo de ye man nai nai) until 2.33am…

d show is soo nicee!! 😀 n bosco wong n myolie wu rockss!!

oh..n this is wat happens when one watches too much tv…something “burnt” according to my dad…n so it has been send for repair…sigh…dat empty place feels so empty now..hahaa..okayy its not exactly empty…


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