went to watch MADE OF HONOUR ytd..its damn nice! n i cried at the end, cos it was so touching..hahaa..

well actually it was really a last minute decision to watch it..jie n i juz decided out of the blue to go watch a movie…one of her “crazy ideas” (in her own words) haha..

then after that, met cas n fele n fele’s fren at serangoon mrt, n bussed all the way to toa payoh..where we went to cut hair( actually i just trimmed it lah..BOO!! i miss my hairr *sobs*)..jie commented that our hair is like exactly the same length now..n we look even more like sisters-.-

okayy..anywayy, then we walked to tpy library, n reallised that cos it was a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, the library wasnt open…haha we forgot!

so we went to the tpy HDB hub popular…n spent quite alot of time choosing which file to buy…n fele was trying on the cute, small (primary school) bags…n this is wat she looked like:D

n then we went to mos burger to eat dinner..whilst waiting for the food, i needed to go to the toilet, so cas n i went to this ulu ulu office building to use the toilet(n cas actually thought she was LOST!) haha..okk..so we went into the 2nd floor toilet, n like a few seconds later, this “seow” aunty opened the toilet door n motioned for us to go out…so we followed her out, n whilst trying to control her giggles, she tried to tell us that she heard ppl making LOVE in the cubicle!! hahaa me n cas were like omg, so we quickly went to the 3rd floor toilet instead..

oh my..it was so malu-ating lahh..

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