Valerie came to my hs in the evening to study with me…me doing chinese and her doing amaths…haha..i was trying to cram all her gao ji hua wen stuff in my teeny brain…
well…after abt 1hr(i think), 2 of us ended up brain dead…haha n we just fooled around in my rm, taking many crazy pictures(which i’ll post up soon:D, cos im not at hm now..or if ur too lazy to wait, u can find them in val’s blog:D)…

O lvl chinese paper…
it was quite okayy…except for the zong he tian cong..well, went thru it wif lao shi today during tuition..i had like 4 wrong:(…..
i used some of the gao ji hua wen ju zi’s in my compo okayy! haha..but whether or not i used them correctly is a different thing altgt-.-
anywayy…went swimming wif cas after that…and..well…me being, the blur sotong/stm, me, FORGOT to bring a towel…so me n cas ended up using half of her towel each! hahaaaa
oh yahh..rented ye man nai nai2 too:D:D

chionged ye man nai nai2 the whole morning+afternn…..damn nice!!! cried like siao….hahaa but it was quite funny too!!

after sch..cas n i went to NDC for my dental appointment..n there, the most malu-ating moment of my life began….we were at the lift lobby…n i opened my appmt card to see which lvl it was on…i happened to look at the date..n reallised something was wrong…so i asked cas wat the date was…she said: 28th may..why?
i looked at the date on the card again: 4/6/08…..SHIIT!
hahahaa…it was darn funny yet embarrasing..
so we went back to the mrt station, n stood infront of the big mrt map..trying to decide wat to eat for lunch..25 mins later..we were still undecided between amk/tpy/changi t3/compass pt/ps/heartland/hougang mall….
finally we decided on compass point cos cas felt like eating burger king…
so we went on the train..
the mrt doors opened at kovan station…cas suddenly said she felt like eating koshi(something) at hlm…so we went out of the train…when the mrt left, she said she felt like eating burger king again! i was like no wayy…jus go hlm lahh..
on the way to koshi(something), we passed by QiJi…n den she said she the nasi lemak/laksa there was good…so in the end we went there to eat……..
studied in church after that…….val bought one box of frosties, which she promptly finished 2hrs later…

and so there ends my very eventfull wk:D


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