okayy..its time for an update..i noe the previous posts are quite…

haha..i dunno..guess im just getting moody…mann, wats my problem??
oh wells..its a PICTURE update then:D:D
first..the random stuff..
watching a show called Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni, otherwise known as, Fated to Love You…
its quite a nice show, and it has only been shown up to episode 13 in taiwan…
anyway, there’s this SUPER cute dog in the show called Ji Bao Bei!!
hahaa..here’s a pic:
oh myy..i seriously wanna cuddle him!!!!! even though im rather scared of dogs….lol

next, royston’s birthday was last saturday..so we went to his house to celebrate..

strawberry cheesecake!!!! i like!!!!
n do u noe how much i SACRIFICED to take that ONE picture of royston and his cake?!?!
i took the picture, and he rushed to me to snatch away my phone, but instead, only succeeded in helping squishy#3 do a suicide plunge to the floor!!!! of course, its unable to be fixed back….
boo..i suppose im not fated with my squishies (cries..)
our dresscode for the dayy – black!
haha..it just happened that we all wore black:D
we are the hei she hui:D:D
went to claudia’s house on tues and wed to play..she’s ultra cute when she smiles and laughs…unfortunately, it has to be candid, cus i dont know why, but she just CANT smile for the camera…here’s what i mean..:

finally…sec 4 farewell was todayy..Doreen came to my house at like 6.50am to pack the presents..
it was quite fun actually..but i didnt take any pictures during the actual farewell cos i didnt haf a camera..
(first from left): the sweets..we invented this ingenious way of packing our sweets..haha..saved us alot of time..less then half an hr for 39 packs..haha..including stapling the notes to the bags..
we even has time to watch part of Sky of Love..which is a very very nice jap movie:D
(middle): our finished products:D
(last from left): our note:D
(left): my guzheng! well, part of it anywayy..this is the sticker that has my name and zheng on:D
i’ll miss playing this…
(right): after farewell, doreen was doing her Prefect stuff..so i took a pic of her picture:D

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