first day of term 3 today…it was quite fun:D actually..we had a whole day of chinese, and 2 periods of chem…
chinese was super funny..we had to go up and do oral conversation infront of the WHOLE class!! wahh..i was damnnn scared can! hahaa ppl got stage fright cannot ar…even though i’ve performed so many times(okay, maybe not many.but quite alot)…but i think talking infront of the class is even worse then playing the guzheng infront of ALOT of ppl..haha..okay im digressing..well, in the end, my grp didnt go up, cos there wasnt enuf time:D

anywayy..i miss guzheng..seriously…
ytd in church, we were supposed to haf the amazing race, but cos it was raining, so it was postponed to this coming sunday..
so in d end, we watched this video about China, and how ppl’s lives were changed after getting to noe Jesus Christ…
so anywayy, china video = cheena background music…n guess what, the background music was played with a guzheng! gosh, how i miss playing the guzheng…

ytd’s lunch wif the family + godparents + friends was super funnyy! *cough* except for my malu-ating moment of course…hmmmmmm *blush*

ooo..i finally got my contacts:D now i wont go blind! haha..actually, we just ordered it i havent gotten it yet…so im wearing my old specs…i think i look damn weird with specs-.-
haha..i like my long sighted-ness:D i could read till the second last teennnyyyy line at the bottom:D could ALMOST see the last line too! okayy i noe some ppl can read till the very last line….but stillllll:P iwantmycontactsiwantmycontactsiwantmycontactsiwantmycontactsiwantmycontacts
i shall be blind no more!

i hate pimples…according to Janel, my pimple moves around my face…from my forehead to my nose..n now it has settled on my chin-.- around my face in 2wks? gone with you, o pimple!

Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni ep 15:D:D:D:D:D dont like Dylan! Ji Cun Xi and Chen Xin Yi deserve to be tgt! oooo cant wait for nx wk:D least its 1 ep a i wont get carried away watching it:D

i wanna watch Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing on MobTV!!

i want back my HOLIDAYS!!!!

lucky sec 2s and sec 3s! got camp! Hmphhh! leave us alone in sch:(
wonder wat cas is doing now….hahaa hope she enjoys herself there, being grp leader(i think) and all….:D


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