alritess..its YOUTH DAY todayyy:D so i shall allow myself one post!! hoorayy(not that i’ve actually been successful in keeping out of the computer-.-)

okays…few updates,
after crying it out for like most of last saturday…i’ve finally decided to drop amaths!! but….i havent told mummy yet..arghhh..its so difficult! i attempted to tell her on saturday night, but here’s what happened..we were having dinner, so i decided to not KILL her appetite and wait till after dinner…..however..we all decided to play TABOO after that…n so, it wasnt the right time…after TABOO, she and dad went upstairs to watch Lions for Lambs(or something along that line)….sooo, the time was never right…..nevertheless, i tried again on sunday morning, but i just couldnt bring myself to say it….cos everytime i wanted to say, i would keep thinking about how i thought she would react..and then i’d stop myself…..

yupp, so thats the sad part..the fun part though, was that the godparents + zeke gorgor came ytd….and we had dinner tgt..after which we played TABOO again:D super funny when u haf more ppl!! oh myy…okay i shant talk about the game cos that would take like……1 whole gigantic paragraph to talk about:D at around 11pm, i went running(trans: jogging) in the park last nite with sis, bro and sis’s fren!! the jogging/running part was quite shi1 bai4 for the first few rounds cos halfway through the second round, i had a badbadbad case of stitches! so in the end, me n sis ended up doing intervals(run fast 200m, rest awhile, repeat), with me trying to nurse the stitch between each interval…it wasnt quite so bad after that…hahaaa…and then gor gor made us run up a 50m slope 6 times…hmmm..after that, we did many many stretches…gor attempted to do cheerleading moves(backflip, handspring etc), supervised by jie(ex-cheerleader) of course…hahaa..n then the 2 of them stretched me….literally…damn shiok…maybe by the end of the yr i’ll be able to do a split:D hahahaaa…ohh.. n guess wat time we came home…1+am in the morning!! so i slept at 2am this morning:D

okayss.. i think thats enough..gonna get my weekly dosage of Fated to Love You now:D

see youu:D


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