Hi PPL!!! im back again:P

sch today was fun! sort of..we did this really cool experiment during chem prac! took d lab goggles down to parade square, and mrs loo mixed solid iodine with powdered magnesium, added abit of water…and soon there were PURPLE(deborah you’ll LOVE this:D) fumes…and then there was fire!! so prettyyyy!!! hahaa..wish i’d brought my hp down so that i could capture it..but too bad i left it in class:(
ohh..but the fumes were *vomits*……terrible smelling..hahaa..

ohohh anddd, i’ve FINALLY decided to pack my table!!!! haaa, finished packing my actual table alrdyy, now just left the foldable one, where all my bks/ws/stuff etc were left rather messily on:P…n i reallised something! i used to think that that table was stacked to the ceiling with my stuff, n it made d room look very messy, so i kinda felt bad…BUTTT, when i was packing today, i reallised that almost 50% of the stuff werent even MINE!!!! lols….they were my sis’s lor….haizz..dun care, i shall just leave all her stuff on her bed…


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