todayy we had a cool chinese lesson:D
i didnt know my school had a cultural arts room(or something like that)..
haa, anyway, we went there during chinese lesson, and then we had some tea appreciation group had Oolong tea…haaa..
actually, this isnt really very new to me, as lao shi( chinese tuition teacher) usually pao4 cha2 for us(her students), and then she’ll explain all the stuff to us..hahahaa..quite fun actually…
wells, i think we drank quite alot, so i got really hungry n “urgent” during physic lesson:P…i dont know why, but drinking tea makes me feel hungry-.-

oh, and on sunday, deborah FINALLY made the decision to be a worship leader for the youth service!! yayyy!! she was kinda practising in front of us(audrey and i)..deborahhhh!! i lovee your voice!! even my mother says its nice:D! hahaa…JIAYOH!! yupps, so anyway, while she was singing, audrey and i amused ourselves by zi4 lian4-ing:P

oh yahh. and this are amanda’s 16th birthday church celebration pictures:D

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