okayy, i know im one day late…but i got back chinese results ytd..
it was a b3 and dist for oral…let me tell u what happened.

few days ago, i was expecting myself to get like a b4 or something, and to get just a pass or maybe merit for oral(since i totally screwed up the passage part)…
and then, ytd just before they released the results, our principal talked to us abt lots of stuff, how we were underperforming and how we were the only batch to get below national average and all…so yup, i was really demoralised and was totally expecting to get a c5 instead..
when the time came for results to finally be released, i waited for my turn, n then went up to chen lao shi…the first thing i saw was D (for distinction), and then beside it, a B3…..i looked at chen lao shi, “na4 zhen1 de4 shi4 distinction mah????” (which roughly means, is that really i distinction???)…n she was like, yahh…..

i guess at that point i was quite satisfied with my marks….but then, now it seems like i can do better, and maybe gaurantee myself an A for O’s…and everyone encourages me to retake and try again for an A…..
i dont know, i know i shld try again, but i really really really dont want to go through it all over again. its like after the paper ended in june, i was all ready to “let go” of this subject….and now i feel like i should try again, and start learning it again…its just sooo…..arghhhhhh! you know what i mean…hahahaa

haiz…why is my life full of decisions? whether or not to drop amaths?(though its already been decided). whether or not to retake chinese? its like one wrong decision i make and my life will all go wrong….and i dont want there to be anymore regrets in my life…its already full of them…there’s only so much a person can take!


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