random stuff update:

okayy..i’ve alrdy decided not to retake chinese, though i sort of wavered a little when she tried to convince me….

ohhh and SINGAPORE won Korea in the table tennis womans semi-finals match!!! WHOO!! hahaa..nx match is on sunday against China…though i doubt we will win them, BUT miracles do happen:D

monday is oral. monday is GZ phototaking.
which means i have to miss phototaking:(
damn…its my last yr too! stupid oral..

Janel: hahaa i read ur blog…wahh..abit “out of point” huhh..abt the smoking thing…hahaa nahh, just joking…
anywayy.. yah i know what u mean…was just ranting on the previous post lah………………u know, low spirits and disappointments…was just fa1 xie4-ing….


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