ohh reallised i forgot to blog abt one more thing ytd:D

went to visit lao shi ytd!! hahaa..so funn!! bought 2 cookbooks with victoria for her as teacher’s day present…we took super long to choose them!

anywayy, she bought a blender that cost a 4-figure sum!! lolss i got a shock lah! so she was happily blending lime juice for me n victoria:D yummmm so refreshing!! hahaa..at first i was very sleepy, but after drinking it i felt SOO awake…but it only lasts abt 1hr, cos after that i felt slpy again=.=

ohohh! n she FINALLY made peach tea jelly for us!!! yayyy!! it was yummmyyy!! years since victoria n i had it…i got addicted to it after awhile…hahaaa

lucky victoria, she didnt have tuition in the end, cos the 3 of us were just busy talking the whole time…n her N lvl chinese paper is this tuesday too!!! lols…

oh wells..

good luck to all those taking their N lvls nx wk!!! jia yoh:D


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