NIKE race todayy:D
almost die-ded with cas…
okay lahh, we ran arnd the first 5k or so..
n then gave up, n walked/jogged alternately…

it was super funny…here’s one scenario during the run..

cas n i were walking, so i was trying to get us to run
i saw the esplanade, n it looked quite near, so i said
Me: ehh, we walk until the esplanade there den start running ahh
Cas: okay!
(5mins later, still walking)
Me: ehh, y the esplanade like cannot reach deh…

few mins later, after finally reaching esplanade,
Me: ehh, reach alrdy lehh, start running lahs..
Cas: no lah, esplanade got 2 leh, reach the second one alrdy den run lahs(2 meaning the 2 microphone/durian heads)
Me: haizz. okayyyy

another few mins later..
Me: ehh, we pass the esplanade alrdy lahh! y still walking?!?!
Cas: hahaaaa! neh mind lah! just walk lah!

oh myy, that was the ultimate!

oh wells, we had YUMMY crab beehoon for dinner:D:D



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