lols, actually wrote alot of stuff just now, one whole paragraph of reflections of this yr…
but i read it and saw that it was too upsetting, so i deleted it…

i shall not dampen your spirits:D shall blog abt happy things!

came back from malaysia ytd…went to visit relatives(actually, it was probably just my dad’s excuse to test-drive his new car luh)
my nieces are sooooo adorable!!! i miss them alrdyy..the “big” sister(ah-B) is arnd 3 yrs old I THINK…and the small one(xiao-B) is arnd a yr old…thats just their nicknames lahh..B is supposed to be short for baby:D

anywayy, xiao B is one jealous kid…whenever i carry her sister, she would crawl all the way to me and make me carry her! she’s just learning how to stand:D

i like ah B!! there was once, we wanted to drive to Desaru(which was abt a half hr drive) to play at the beach for awhile…so i asked her if she wanted to go with us..she thought we were gg to the beach that was just down the road, so she agreed! after awhile, when she reallised that something was amiss, and that we were driving very far away, she started to cry for her grandma! so my dad had to u-turn back to drive her home! but lucky her uncle was in the car with us, and after awhile she stopped crying, so my dad u-turned again to continue driving to Desaru! omg it was super hilarious:D
of course, there were short periods of time when she would sob abit..but when we finally reached the beach, i carried her and played with her…and she was fine alrdy:D hahaa..we ran from the waves until she kinda got scared by it! so she made me carry her again and said: “wo3 pa4 shui3..” hahaa so cute!!

haizz..really miss her now…

time to bathe and go felicia’s hs to watch my Ai4 Zai4 Ni2 Zuo3 You4 show that i asked her to record:D and then its off to church with val for tuition! must finish my paper 2s todayy


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