went for a run in the park last nite with fele and cas…it was……..a failed attempt:P

was aiming to run at least 15 rounds, but we discovered that we picked the wrong day to run! cos sunday is mooncake festival and everyone was playing with sparklers and carrying lanterns…
soo, the park was veryyyyy smoky!! hahaa and it would be abit of an irony if i ran to jian3 fei2/be healthy, and in the end died from excessive smoke inhalation rite?

haaa so, i decided to run 10 rounds:D

7 rounds later, we spotted royston and his maid going to fetch claudia from tuition, so we decided to follow them:D
played in the playground for a little while after that….

and so there ends my “UNfruitful” run in the park


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