got back maths results todayy..improved quite abit from mid terms, which if im not wrong, i got a C5! jumped up 2 grades to get a B3 for prelims…and am aiming for A1 for Os!! haha i can do it:D
n i finally PASSED CHEM!!! yayyy! hahaa okay but it wasnt a very good pass either..but still:D hahaa

cant wait to watch Ai Zai Ni Zuo You nx monday cos its last episode!!! though the 8days synopsis wrote that “XiaoYue throws her ring away and decides to start life anew”, but they printed a picture on their tv guide which shows the 2 of them standing in the sea, and Jiawei holding a RING up for her!! which implies that he actually managed to find back her ring!!! can u imagine, the sea is so freaking big!! how on earth did he find it?? haizz, cant wait to watch!

conversation between daddy and i whilst we(and mummy) were at furnitureHQ buying a sofa for the church, and spending a LONG time choosing one:

Me(playfully)(whispering): daddy, i tell you a secret.
Dad(whispering): what?
Me(whispering): i very hungryy!!
Dad(playfully)(whispering): shhhh, dont tell anyone okay? our little secret!

lols!! i almost burst out laughing! really didnt expect him to react this way! hahaa


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