since i dont know when, its been the norm for me to watch huan zhu ge ge at the end of the year during my a result, i’ve watched it numerous times and can even remember most of their lines! haa

especially this yr, since i bought the dvd for the 3rd series, so i was planning to watch all 3 of them after my O lvls..

during september holidays:
since we were going to malaysia, and its quite a long drive, i decided to bring the 2nd series along and watch it in the car. haha as a result, i got my godfather stuck on it, and so now he’s watching it! but thats not the point. anyway, so my mother and i decided to watch the 3rd series together after my O’s…

valerie suddenly sent me a message, asking me if we could watch the 1st and 2nd series together after our exams! out of the blue! haha of course i was more than willing!! was talking on the phone with deborah after that, and she wanted to come watch too!!! hahaa..we’ll have our very own movie marathon:D

che che lovely sent me a message, saying that huan zhu ge ge is showing now in the phillipines! dubbed into tagalog of course..

soo…pure coincidence? or what? hahaaa!! but its quite cool:D


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