had a SURPRISE in church today! deborah came!!!! hahaa she was missing for quite a while cos of her N lvl exams… and she permed her hair!!!! vainpot!!! hahaa but she was oh-so-pretty:D
we tortured her after youth service by making her do her maths stuff. hahaa and i did my physics…did paper 1 and half a paper 2 before i declared myself braindead!

just helped Cas update her blog:D haha im so kind! well, she insisted that she was on a hiatus(as her previous post said), and that she could not blog. but cos she saw the pictures of baby nicole in my blog, and she wanted them in hers too, so guess who had to do the job? yours truly:D crapped alot in her blog though…hahaa okay, maybe not alot. just one paragraph:D
told u im nice:D

oh mannn, cant wait for tomorrow!!!! last episode!!! i wanna watchh!!!!!!!!!! haizzzz….28 hrs more….how to tahan???

*yawns* im super sleepy this few days, and my shoulder/neck is super aching! painnnnnn!
hmms, think im gonna go slp for awhile…nitess


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