slacked the whole day today…

lit in the morning..haa that was the one lesson that i listened to the teacher!
after that was amaths..went to library with fele to do my maths tuition hw…haa left 2 more paper 1s…gonna do them later..
physics was last..omg…one word..BORING! the teacher just threw phy papers at us and told us to do…and then he went to the nx lab to teach the other class! so alot of us were just slacking and all during that period…until he came back to give us the ans for a previous phy paper….hahaa he was quite funny though…anywayy, thanks deborah for entertaining me during the first half of the boring lesson:D lols….hope u had a great day todayy, with ur shopping and all! haizz..u make me jealous….good luck with ur maths paper 2 on fridayy!!
chem intensive was nx……went through the can-die practical that we did last wk…the one where the gas produced was nitrogen dioxide, and some smart alec said it was chlorine…hahaaa and everyone else thought it was chlorine too:D so we wrote that the anion was chloride instead of nitrate! ahha i think almost everyone failed that paper lor….anyway, we ended an hour early! hahaa and WL and i reallised that we dont have any more intensive revisions in the afternn for the rest of the wk!! yayy!

hmm..the sec1s to 3s had their last end-of-yr exam paper todayy…saw this grp of girls happily eating macs and all! arghhhh!! very very jealous!! and they have TWO days of holiday! thursday is their marking day, whereas we only get tmr off….blahh..
BUT as WL pointed out…….we’ll be more FREE then them after our Os end:D cos we’ll be released from this monster, but they’ll still have a long long time before they’re done with it:D hahaahaaa im soo evill…

okays..this post is longer than i expected….gonna go study later…maybe going to ao2 tong1 xiao1:D see first, see how long i can tahan…hahaaa but i slept alot this i dont think i’ll be getting sleepy anytime soon…

Nico Rosberg rocks!! hahaa BIG BIG picture of him on today’s newpaper!! and BIG picture of him on ytd’s home page!!!! hahahaaa okay i shall stop dreaming..



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