Rule #1: NEVER sleep the afternoon before you have an exam paper!

yepp..thats a serious mistake i made ytd:P slept in the afternn, cos i was sooo tired from the previous night. as a result, couldnt slp at all last nite!

went to bed at abt 10+/11pm…tried to slp, couldnt, so laid in bed for almost 2hrs….finally slept arnd 1am(i think)…BUT was woken up 1.5hrs later by my sis who was just going to slp…
so i tried to slp again…
between 2.30 and 4am, i dont know if i slept, or if i was just staring into space…cos when i went to check the time on my hp, it was suddenly alrdy 4+am! haha i seriously dunno what happened between that 2hrs…
finally went back to slp, and woke up at 9am…cos of my sis’s hp alarm-.-
rather than waste 2hrs trying to slp, might as well wake up and do something:D

goshhh…chem paper today! finally managed to remember my organic chem stuff last nite..though i dunno if i still rmb it now..will go through it again later..
and i think i finally mastered mole concept:D after Audrey tought me ytd in church:D hahaa THANKS!

talking abt church, Deborah was superrrrr high ytd=.= making weird sounds and all… in youth service….quite funXD


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