surprise birthday party for AUDREY today:D gosh, she didnt suspect a thing! tsk tsk! and to think that this is the 2nd yr in a row!
met val, deb and amanda in heartland after my lit paper..went to buy presents and share bear cake:D

cabbed to audrey’s after that and hid in the playground…attempted to light the candle, but dunno why, it refused to we went up to her house and just “surprised” her! hahahaaa the look on her face was CLASSIC! (or thats what they said, cos i was busy trying to light the candle with amanda:P) hahaaaa!

bathed and changed into dress(deb’s)(well actually all the dresses you see below are deb’s, except for the ones audrey is wearing:D) and took maaannnyy pictures! hahaa it was supposed to be val’s clique prom, since her sch didnt have one this yr:(

went to the pool to play after that…amanda and i WERENT supposed to get wet because of….ermm…yahh, u noe..hahahaha! anywayy, we just waded in the baby pool for awhile, until we decided to dunk val! well, val pulled audrey in too! and then we dunked deb! hahaa so the 3 of them came and hugged amanda and i, and so we got realll wet anyway! in the end we just went into the big pool with our clothes on:P hahaa. BRIGHT coloured bras wth. lucky audrey’s parents came to pick us up.
okay, i shall just post some pictures here:D

Deborah Glamourgirl! here! wo0o helping this girl(benita)
uploading Miss Lin the threee videos so slow


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