China has been far:D
it’s been just eating and slping and eating and sleeping….yeah, the cycle just repeats..goshh, i think im gonna get fat after 2 wks here! yeah, and somemore every meal we have is like 8-9 course meals…hahaa..btw, we’ve been eating prawns and chicken/duck for every single meal since we came ytd(except for breakfast this morning luh)..and the chicken/duck is real kampung chicken/duck, which probably runs around and “exercises” more in one day than i do in a year! so the meat is reaalllll tough! i kid you not…..

other than that, we also went to visit relatives, and went to our(or rather my grandparents) ancestral homes…also found out ALOT abt our family lines…all along i thought that my grandma was malaysian..but then found out that she’s actually from Hainan Island too(her village is not far from my grandfather’s village)..then she went to malaysia, and then to singapore, where she met my grandfather(who came to singapore with his friend)..apparently they met in some bakery or something like that! there’re alot of interesting stories too, but i dont think you’d wanna read abt them here..HAA!

these are the firecrackers…the video is in the other camera..

my grandfather’s ancestral home…it is passed down to the eldest male in the one day it will be my dad’s and then my bro’s..i ehh:D ohh. and our family’s so traditional that we even have some kind of family book…it has 5 volumes, and the family member’s names are all inside..well for the guys lah…we girls are left out:( except for some….haa even my dad’s name is inside…i think my bro’s name is there too…the books are cool! and they’re at home..haha

cool olden stone doorway:D

anyway, went to play with sparkles just now…super cool! cos there were firecrackers and other fun stuff that cant be played in singapore!

this is some spinning thing that flies and spins when it’s litted..quite cool:D

this one flies into the air and comes down with a parachute!!

my favourite! the rocket flies up and explodes to fireworks:D it actually activated our car alarm! haha..

rest of the pictures will be in facebook asap:D
there are still some pictures and videos in another camera though, but didnt bring the cable, so also didnt bring my cable:(

ohohh! and i had my first foot massage today! hahaa super shiok! but when she was massaging the thigh…whoaa, i wanted to laugh so badly! it wass sooooooo ticklish! hahhaa! yupp.. gor and i want to do the full body massage too:D maybe we’ll go someday! hahaa i hope!

hmm..we’re going to Guangzhou tmr..but we’re gonna


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