blah, havent blogged in a VERRYY long time:P sorryyy…
also havent gotten round to posting those 100+ pictures(actually its ALOT more than 100+, but i chose the nicer ones only:D) on facebook, because…well because im just plain lazy:P and my dumb computer is soooooooo slow, so it’ll prolly take me like the whole day to upload those few pics! hahaa…maybe after i finish watching the little nyonya on youtube, i’ll stop procrastinating and start posting them:D

cant wait, captains ball later!!!!!!!!!

must start running! hahaaa..grab running buddies and go down to the park:D

okay, im gonna go watch little nyonya now!!

BUTTT, before i go, just wanna wish JANEL a HAPPY (and VERY belated) BIRTHDAY!!!!! im soo sorry i forgot abt it…was having youth camp (me and my excuses..tsk..)
gah, anywayy, really sorryyy:(


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