school has been okay so far….we have an “awesome” timetable=.=
lectures end at 9.45 tmr….even then, the first lesson that we have is a meet-ur-PD-tutor(form teacher)-session…..which means that i only have ONE lecture (Geog) till 9.45….sians..
have the rest of the morning to slack arnd….haiz…speaking of geog, have i mentioned that my geog lecturer goes through her slides reeeeeaaaaaalllllllyyy fast?! barely had time to register what she said…haha but she’s actually quite funny luh…

math lecture today…learned LOG! shiits…and i was soo happy when i dropped amaths last yr cos i didnt have to do this chpt again….
i tell u…i spent 10mins in lecture attempting to convert indices form to logarithmic form!! AND i had the formula right infront of me! brain just wasnt working luh….
went library with shir, claudia and christina during free period….and did our math tutorial qns(even though we didnt nd to yet!) hahahaaa im seriously gonna turn into a mugger in this sch luh! but thats not a bad thing actually:D anyway, realised that my indices topic has gone quite rusty…so must practice more….sians…

ohwells…gg home with shirlene and claudia after that to get our camp bags:D and then off to nyp to eat lunchie! hahahaaa ban mian here i come!!
hehe, cant wait for camp EZ to start! and no, we’ve been’s NOT gonna be very easy at all!
haizz..think we’re gonna do rockclimbing during the camp…i’ve ne4 rockclimbed b4!! shuckss..and the last time i abseiled was in p5….didnt have the guts to do it in sec3:P

anyway…hope i can still rmb all d knots we learnt ytd! though my rope tie-ing really sucks…our structure FELL over ytd during d game..due to our superb skills! superr embarrassing:P

okay…have to go pack my bag now:D must slp early tonite! get enough rest! recharge for camp!


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