ODAC camp was fun:D but tiring…
shall start at the beginning
(warning..it’s gonna b long and abit lor sor..so bear with me:D)

friday after sch, went home to get camp bag, then met up with shir and claudia..went to put our stuff in sch b4 heading down to NYP for lunch(sandwich). it was quite yummy:D went back to AJ after that and met up with d rest of the odacians(love this word:D)…

start of camp! our camp scenario was this: we were adventure racers who survived a plane crash in d Amazon Rainforest..so we had to try and get out…

played a game called barbed wire..this was in one of the classrooms..anyway, we had to form a circle(hold hands) and try to cross(either under or over) the raffia strings that were tied across a few tables…if we touched the string or the tables, we had to restart the entire thing….hahaa so we were at it for quite some time…2hrs to be exact…it’s not as easy as it seems! after awhile, the seniors blindfolded or muted some of us…and it got even harder after that…didnt manage to complete the game in d end lah..but it was fun

dinner after that..field cooking for cancelled, so j2s went to da3 bao1 economic rice for us…cant rmb what i had..except for some odd-veggie thing…couldnt finish my rice(dont eat alot of rice..im not a fan4 tong3:P)…hahahaa the guys in our grp quite poor thing..had to help some of the us(girls) to finish food..

pitched our tents in d field after that…did our first A-shaped tent..not bad lah…and then our nx task was to pitch the 2nd tent BLINDFOLDED! quite hilarious..until we were ALL muted too! then some ppl were unblinded so they cld see…and then some ppl(including me) were unmuted…hahaa so in d end, there were ppl who could not see, some ppl who could not talk and some ppl who could not see OR talk! but we managed to pitch the tent in d end:D though it looked quite sad and saggy:P guys had dome-shaped tents to slp in….so much more safer than ours:P who knew if our tent wld suddenly collapse in d middle of the nite! hahaaa but it didnt lah..luckily…after that went to wash up and slp…couldnt really slp at first…so went toilet with fei xin..came back…stoned awhile in tent b4 finally falling aslp…

woke up at 5am the nx day…washed up, got ready..and then stoned somemore in d tent till it was 5.45…then we went to assemble on d track…had physical training:'( warmed up 2 rounds..did some stretching warm ups…and then started training proper…run/jog 2 rounds, did stretches, run/jog 2 rounds, did more stretches(pumping and a killer stretch(cant rmb what its called)), ran last 2 rounds, did even more stretches(modified crunches and some leg lifting thing that was super tiring too)….and then we had breakfast..

after that, we learned how to make temporary stretchers for casualties..and we had to carry our j2 casualty all over the sch(through obstacles, up and down stairs etc)..aiyoh, our casualty VERY talkative and cheerful…kept doing bimbotic cheers:P last game for this section was electric fence…raffia string was tied across 2 pillars(string was tied to abt shoulder height) and we had to bring the casualty PLUS all of our members across without touching d string or pillar…if anyone touched, he would become a casualty immediately(cos electric fence ma..) and if any of our stuff touched the string, it would be taken away…haa we didnt manage to complete this task lah..only managed to get 1 or 2 members across..
oh yah, we had to carry our bags around too!

then we had lunch:D our hands were tied to d person nx to us…(so my right hand is tied to d left hand of the person on my right..and my left hand is tied to d right hand of d person on my left:D confusing i noe..) and we ate lunch like that..

last activity…played a few more games..and then built our flag structure…something like a 4 sided pyramid..and our 4 grp flags(t-shirts) were tied to poles which were attached to the pyramid structure..raised our flag:D and took some pictures…undid entire structure:( and the camp was over…had debrief..then went home..

reached home abt 5+…and then here comes the best part..the camp lasted from 4pm to abt 4.30 the nx day(so its 24 hrs)…i came home, slept at like almost 7pm..all the way to 8am this morning:P haa think mummy tried to wake me up for dinner..but i was too tired to climb out of bed..(but i rmb being very hungry when i got home, so i guess slp was more impt than food at that time lah:P)

was quite dead during youth today…had a sudden coughing fit during main service in church…dunno why…so irritating:(

entire body aching now…must really go exercise….planned to go jogging with val today…but in d end we didnt:( haa anyway we may be mugging later:D

wow..what a long post…


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