whoo:D i have 1 star in kayaking:D:D
hahaaa stupid me, forgot to bring xtra shorts to change=.=
so i had to go home in wet shorts!

at least i didnt capsize accidentally…since the water was super dirtyy!
it was low tide today…so water from the nearby longkangs and canals went to the sea:(
but had to do capsize drill and the rescue thing…quite cool:D

started raining arnd 4…so we went back to avoid the thunderstorm..lucky we finished learning everything alrdy..
stupid lightning was right above us…even struck our roof:( so loud! hate lightnings…no. lightnings are nice! hate thunders!!
played “give me tempo ready go” while waiting for rain to stop(so that we can wash our kayaks)
and then we ODAC banja-ed:D heheheeee i love banjaaaaaaa!!! yay 26th comm!!!

shoulders are aching now:( think i didnt use my paddles proparly, cos it’s supposed to be ur abs that ache(or rather the non-existent abs)….

at least i rmbed to put sunblock on my neck:D:D:D:D:D


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