rushed home after sch to prepare for ern’s birthday party:D met deb at 6 at ps…walked arnd..bought tako balls(yummm!!)..sat down and talked..(almost forgot my hp..AGAIN:P)..was about to hail a cab, but decided to buy starbucks:D we finally finally reached the place…but realised we were SUPER early…hahaaa so we walked arnd again and waited for ppl to come..
party was fun!! great singing:D

cell at xixian’s house…yummy curry and prata dinner:D
val left before dinner:( had to bus home myself..

ran 1 round arnd bedok reservoir…crazyy..the last time i went there was during PL’s cross-country(read: cross-reservoir)….and i didnt walked most of the distance that time…hahaa ytd, we ran/jogged/walked..ODAC ROCKS! thank God for great odacians and teammates who encouraged us-who-couldnt-take-it-anymore:D
then feixin and jacq went on to kayak, while hanping and i went round the reservoir again, this time with 1 bike to share between us…hahaaa hanping rocks cos he ran most of the way…we were actually the last team, but managed to catch up with everyone else…i tried to jog and let him rest of the bike for awhile…but couldnt take it after a measely 4/500m:P reached checkpoint and waited for kayakers to return.
after that, we walked to tampines bike trail…poor claudy, fell down and grazed her arm! anywayy..the bike trail is fun…but d bike sucks:( cos the seat so hard..and up till now, im still suffering the after-effects of a hard bicycle seat! boo..
walked to pasir ris through park connector…played games…and sudoku(wished mummy was there…she’d probably have finished the thing in less than 5 mins)…hahahaa my brain was fried, and i kept giving d wrong ans at the beginning (sryy team)! started raining, so we covered ourselves with a poncho…rain got heavier, so we all put on our ponchos and headed to the meetup point(some convenience store/toilet place)..we all looked like green dementors walking in pasir ris! when everyone left, i went to look for gor…washed many mud-covered bicycles, and finally headed home…

today: great day of rest! woke at 10/11+am, had breakfast, went back to slp, woke up, watched back few eps of a korean show….slept, woke up, watched last 2 eps, slept again, and finally woke up to bathe and use com:D

i still hate the after-effects of a race! my body aches:( everywhere! eeks…
hahaa jie went gym ytd, so she’s aching today too….and i complained that i felt like a pregnant woman..(cos my lower back muscles were pain(i dunno why) and i kept supporting them, like how a pregnant woman supports her back!)


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