went to far east with Janel and WL on thursday:D
daaaammmmmnnn long since i last saw them!
after some shopping(window shopping for me:P), i went to ps to wait for gor+gf+bro
rotted away with my macs icecream and orange juice..
watched Street Fighters: Legend of Chun Li!
hahaaa she’s very pretty:D but ne4 tie e 2 buns:(
after that went to world of sports…gor bought some resistance bands and a pull up bar!
hehee cooll:D now i can train!

sentosa ytd….
started out my day REALLLLYYY badly:(
first, i set my alarm at 8.20 e nite before, when i was supposed to meet claudy at 8.15!!!
dont ask me how i managed to do that…just a moment of dumbness:(
anyway, finally left house…bussed to srg mrt..and realised that there was an SCDF exercise at boon keng mrt…and the train service was affected or something..so i was 1.5 hrs late…waited for mrt, gave up, waited for cab, gave up again, went back to mrt, and then finally got onto e free shuttle bus to potong pasir mrt-.-
met claudy ian and ogls at vivo..went to sentosa palawan beach and played:D
everyone got dunked! but water was veeeerrrryyy dirty:( think there was oil spill or something…my fav seeking christ ’08 shirt came out with brown spots! water bombed, half buried tian jun, and then buried poor brendon…oh but he was loving it!!! he even made himself a sand pillow! washed up and went vivo for carls jr:D

rushed to cell after that…was 2 hrs late though:P and the moment i stepped into nigel’s house, i heard “wahh, why she so dark/red” and then i realised i was burnt:(
hahaa and after cell, almost every1 left except me val gracia and my cousin…3 of us(nigel, val, me) talked quite long while e 2 of them “slept”…hahaaa we didnt realise it, but we talked until 9pm!

deborah drummed for youth today:D hahaaa great drumming deb!!! and great keyboarding val!!! hee today our 2nd row was empty…cos val and deb played for worship, xx did projection, and aud and i ushered…hehh and amanda finally came!!!
hahahaaa ONE DAY i will learn my piano/drums/guitar!
yes…ONE day…


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