our ghosts: me, shin fen, dinah, michelle, cinch, supeng
+ those not in pic: brendon, ami, qq, claudy (and i cant rmb who else, sry:P)

AJ family day ytd..
our haunted house was a great success i think:D
wonder how much we made…

it was fun being a ghost!!
ppl come in, i crawl towards them, and shine torchlight below my chin
they SCREAM into my ear=.=
i think im gonna go deaf soon lor..

funny thing was, some ppl, they come in holding on to their friend’s shoulders, making a whole line…
then shin fen would hold on to the last person’s shoulders and follow them around!
and there was once, i went to stand in between 2 participants..and the one behind me thought i was her friend, so she grabbed me..
thats when i slowly turned arnd and turned on my torchlight at my face again! hahahaa her reaction was damn funny!!
our ogls had funny reactions too!! the ghosts were actually laughing at them whilst trying to scare them!!


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