thanks everyone for all the birthday songs, wishes, cakes and presents:D
went out for ma2 la4 steamboat last nite..hahaa its really hot! lucky we ordered the double steamboat, so in the end most of us ended up drinking the not-so-hot steamboat soup instead..
went for icekimo icecream after that! shiok-ness!! hahaaa durian icecream!!!!

kayak 2 star expedition today…claudy shir and i went for breakfast at changi village as usual..then went to water venture and tried to open the gate..the gate was padlocked and when i tried to open it, the freaking alarm system went off!! kns! super sensitive lah! haa so we just sat there until the alarm turned off..dumb..during the expedition, my arm was aching like crazy alrdy…totally no strength to paddle! we paddled from changi to loyang, which is arnd +/-4km…beached up, had lunch, rested and paddled back…hahaa then we banja-ed in the sea! after that was the kayak-to-swimmer rescue thing…so i was a swimmer first, had to swim quite far out into sea..wahh, was super scared that there’ll be jellyfish in the sea, cos we saw 1 or 2 on the way to loyang..but lucky dont have!

today was fun…but it just drained all my energy!


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