im burnt again…but for the first time, its not from ODAC activities…
its from watching church peeps play soccer!

okays anyway, ytd in sch..totally boring(until ODAC started of course)..went to sch for PW and breaks only! and then when the sports carnival started, we went to do the dart game thinggy, where we only threw 4 darts and then it was over-.- the relay races were nx..and then the cheerleading routine which was kinda cool, until i realised that they almost totally copied Bring it On’s Toro’s final cheer routine(complete with song)….
and then we had ODAC field cooking! hahahaa quite fun..i learnt how to mince meat! ended at almost 10 i think..and then rushed down to Aud’s house for sleepover! we wore nice dresses and cam whored lots..but my colour combi abit weird cos i had a purple dress with a green ribbon in my hair(courtesy of Claudy:D) ..Wii-ed for awhile..and then went to slp at almost 2am…was freezing cold cos i was directly under the aircon!!!

and then..this morning, everyone ignored me when i tried to wake them up-.-
reached tampines stadium and watched the YCK matches:D and we got our cool new blue jersey too! and now im burnt..


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