went to watch the NDP NE show ytd:D
think it’s one of the nicest NDP’s! hahaa..even the concert segment was kind of nice! but of course, my most most most fav part was still the parade with the F-16s and apaches and army tanks/boats and cannons and cool commando guys:D damn zai!

but then again, sometimes i just wonder how some Singaporeans can be so irritating and irresponsible..like how after the end of the show, we had to walk to the underpass to cross under to marina square in order not to disrupt traffic..and there were even policemen preventing ppl from crossing the road instead..so there was this guy who just PUSHED past the policemen and even pulled his children along! super rude lor..cant stand this kind of ppl…what kind of values are u teaching your children when you do this sort of thing right…and its right after NDP too…


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