it never rains but apt.

just realised that my a lvl listening compre is this thursday too…and guess where im gg on thursday??

anyway, daddy and mummy are trying to do something abt the tickets for me..and im really thankful cos they could have not bothered and just let me retake nx yr..but instead dad’s trying to help me book another ticket for that night..and it seems like we’re gg to have to forfeit the money for the original trip:( really sorry for wasting so much money…how can i be so stupid and dumb..didnt make the connection that thursday was both listening compre AND my bali trip=.=
really sorry..

anyway, didnt wan to say this..but u suck..really..the least you could do was get ur facts right before bitching about me on your blog…

i guess i should explain what happened..
last wk, she was pissed with me for something i did(or didnt do) i just tried to stay out of her way..then in the afternn, she acted like nothing happened, suddenly very happy, we were even laughing/joking i though, okay, everything’s fine now..good.

early this morning…she had to share something with the class..first thing she did was shoot our cca mates(including claudy and me, who were sitting NEXT to her)…we were really on the verge of shouting back! i really wanted to..believe me..

and i just want to say this.
1. im sorry i didnt bring my pw materials on many time do u want me to say this.
2. i ASKED if i could use the survey for the EoM..
3. i did not force C to help me with the stupid collation thing! and anyway, we only collated like 1 or 2 qns that day…i collated the rest myself that night!!
4. i did NOT ask C to print the stupid minutes for me cos i was out with my sister! it’s because my house was out of printing paper!! how the hell do you want me to print minutes without paper?

you’re not the only one who can be pissed off. and dont act so self righteous please. its disgusting.


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