Bali has been quite fun so far..

was woken up at 1am ytd morning just to climb up Mt Batur (a volcano) and see the sunrise!
made a baddd mistake of wearing shorts. was freeezing cold when we went up!! hahaa luckily i survived. the view was very nice on the way down! great experience:D we were supposed to go white water rafting after the volcano ytd..but we were running late:( so didnt go in the end..maybe tmr:)
anyway, we’re staying at a villa, and we have our own private swimming pool:D water is kinda cold though…hahaha and i went for a massage ytd nite:) body is kind of aching now though…hehh
wonder if i’ll get to go parasailing and jetski-ing:P hahaa..
sis’s wedding ceremony is this afternn!!!
photos from ytd will be posted on facebook soon:) will post link here!
sis’s wedding is this evening

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