why did you have to do that?
you make it seem like its all our fault!
those things you wrote on your blog, it really hurts.
u said that what we said hurt you alot. did you ever think whether YOUR words have hurt me?
you’re not the only one crying. i’ve had my fair share of break downs too.

do you noe how it feels? everytime i see you? every spare minute i have? my mind just wonders to how u slammed me on your blog, those words you wrote. it cuts deep.
and it doesnt make it any better that we were good friends.

i tried to encourage you before you went up to abseil cos i knew u were afraid. but u just ignored me! why did i even do that when i knew what your reaction would be. it was just a hopeless attempt to make up. but i guess you just dont care. just to let you know, its the first time my entire life, that im speaking to someone i’ve quarrelled with first. and its not even entirely my fault to begin with. why did i even try?

worst, that blog that you posted those things on, its a blog you share with 2 of my best friends since pri sch..when i confronted you, all you said was: they dont really care, okay?
wth is that supposed to mean? now you’re saying that besides all that, my friends dont care abt me too??

why?? 2 wks have passed, im still very much affected. im sorry, i dont think i can forgive you. not when everytime i see you, all those things you said come to my mind. i guess we’ll just have to last through 1 yr+ of silence.


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